YourBet is a powerful personalization tool that allows players to include same-event selections in an accumulator.

When a player makes an initial single selection, YourBet automatically offers an unrivalled range of additional markets on the event in question, with instant accumulator pricing and one-click betting, eliminating the need to access the bet slip.

YourBet has been designed to enable the easy creation of accumulators from a range of markets, including Full Time, 1st Half, 2nd Half, Goals, Corners, Bookings, Goalscorers and Special picks, with available selections clearly grouped for quick navigation and bet placement.

How to create YourBet

To create YourBet, you need to:

  1. Navigate to the desired event where, if applicable, YourBet activation button will be shown above the market groups.

  2. Click on “Create YourBet” button and automatic filtration of the eligible markets will be performed instantly.

  3. Make up to 6 selections from the offered markets to create YourBet. As soon as the 7th selection is made, ineligible selection message will appear.

  4. As selections are being made, YourBet odds are automatically calculated in the quick bet widget at the bottom of the screen. User can slide left or right to see details of every selection as well as option to remove each one of them.

  5. Enter the desired stake and observe the potential return of YourBet.

  6. Once the desired stake amount is entered, click “Place Your bet” button to place YourBet.

  7. YourBet is accepted automatically, and the bet receipt is displayed on the screen.

Terms and Conditions

  1. YourBet is available for pre-match and live soccer events and pre-live basketball events only.

  2. YourBet can be placed as a single bet only and cannot be combined with other markets.

  3. YourBet is not eligible for cash out.

  4. YourBet is valid for the regular match duration, excluding the Extra Time and Penalties.

  5. The maximum number of selection which can be added to YourBet is 6.

  6. If a selection within YourBet is void or cancelled, YourBet will be void.

  7. If a selection within YourBet is half won or half lost, YourBet will be void.

  8. The Sportsbook reserves the right to amend the settlement of YourBet if any of the selections are settled incorrectly.

  9. The Sportsbook reserves the right to remove YourBet from any event for any reason.