Virtual Sports

Game Play Rules

A virtual betting event takes place every 3 minutes for Soccer and Basketball.

Bets on the next event are accepted until the "bets closed" message appears on the screen, after which the bet will be allocated to the successive event.

Winnings can be collected once the result of an event is displayed on the results screen.

A customer who places any bet on these events takes sole responsibility for his actions in placing a bet, and in checking his ticket to ensure it correctly reflects his chosen bet, and cannot hold the operator liable for any loss or damage suffered.

The operator will also not be liable for any system malfunction that may result in the nullification, cancellation or refund of a bet at any time.

In case of event cancellation outstanding bets are deemed void and settled as 'cancelled'. It means that the bet stake is fully reinstated.

Bet types offered may be altered from time to time.

A winning bet may be claimed within 90 days of the event date. Unclaimed tickets after that period will expire and cannot be claimed.

Virtual Soccer

Match Result Full Time

Select the game outcome of the full time - Home win (1), Draw (X) or Away win (2).

Correct Score

Select full-time goal score for each team, both home and away.

Over / Under 2.5

Select Under to back a score of 0, 1 or 2 total goals

Select Over to back a score of 3 or 4 total goals.

Virtual Basketball League

How to play

The VBL provides 24/7/365 real money betting experience on virtual basketball. The league consists of 16 teams and seasons run continuously. Each season comprises 30 match days (home and away matches). Bets can be placed at any time – even within a season.

Season information

One season lasts 106:30 minutes in total, separated into a ‘Pre League’ period, a ‘Match day Loop’, and a ‘Post league’ period. The ‘Pre League’ period runs prior to the start of a season and lasts 60 seconds. All match days are summarized as the ‘Match day Loop’ period with a total duration of 105:00. At the end of every season there is a 30 second ‘Post Season’ period.

Match day information

One match day lasts 3:30 minutes. It is separated into a ‘Pre Match’ period, ‘1st Quarter’, ‘2nd quarter’, ‘Half time’, ‘3rd quarter’, ‘4th quarter’, Overtime (if the match result is a draw after the 4th quarter’) and ‘Post Match’ period. The ‘Pre Match’ period runs prior to the start of a match for 30 seconds. The match lasts 2:30 minutes in total, with a halftime break of 10 seconds in-between. Each match is followed by a 20 second ‘Post Match’ period. The match day switch takes 10 seconds.


Betting on a VBL match is allowed up to 10 seconds before tip-off. Betting markets for future match days of the current season remain open. When a future match day from the ‘Match Day’ bar at the bottom is selected, the matches related to that day along with the odds will be displayed in the lower odds section. The following match related betting options are available:

Match Winner, incl. OT : Score after 4 quarters (+ Overtime) (1 - home team wins; 2 - away team wins)

Handicap, incl. OT : Handicap points are added to the game’s final score, and the winner is the team that wins with these additions (1 - home team wins; 2 - away team wins)

1st Half Handicap : Handicap points are added to the game’s half time score, and the winner is the team that wins with these additions (1 - home team wins; 2 - away team wins)


All matches are broadcast as live video streams through an integrated media player in your browser. You can switch freely between the eight available games per match day or alternatively only follow your favorite match. The match simulations are created through a combination of Artificial Intelligence and independent random number generators. Simultaneously, the performance parameters of the VBL players are based on professional basketball players (e.g. in terms of number of points, fitness, consecutive match-statistics, etc.).